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  • Forgiveness and Health: 

    1.      SQUASH IT!:  Put more color and nutrition on your plate by trying acorn, butternut, pumpkin, spaghetti or one of the twenty varieties of winter squash which are loaded with nutrients that are good for our hearts and overall health.  

    The most common types are acorn, banana, pumpkin, butternut and Hubbard.   Winter squash is low in calories with just 56 calories in a 1-cup serving (raw).  It is high in fiber which is just right for filling you up, and not out.  Most squash are excellent sources of vitamins A, C and of minerals potassium and manganese.  Though all varieties of squash are good nutrition choices, winter varieties tend to be more nutrient-dense.

    They generally contain much more beta-carotene and more of several B vitamins than summer squash.  Butternut squash's beta-carotene content even rivals that of mangoes and cantaloupe which is a benefit in the fight against cancer, heart disease and cataracts. This season add this healthy addition to your eating plan that you're sure to enjoy.